Define your needs, determine your habits and what is holding you back. Make a change with this free blueprint printable.
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Reprogram Your Habits + FREE printable

It all starts with developing effective habits. Why? Because when actions become habits, you will start doing routine actions without thinking about it. It has become a habit. Developing new habits might take some effort and time, but it’s well worth the results.

Get your free Reprogram your habits blueprint here and follow the instructions below to fill it out and get an overview of what you discover along the way.

Motivation and Habits blueprints free printables.

Let’s start!

In order to reprogram your habits, it’s important to find out what habits would fulfil the needs in your life.

Step 1: Figure out what you need, rather than what you want.

Take a moment to think about all the areas in your life. What can you absolutely not live without? What is so important that you need this aspect in your life?

Some example categories:

Love – Relationships – Connection

Personal growth – Confidence – Significance – New challenges

Certainty – Consistency – Security

Variety – Change – Diversity

Write down your top 2 needs.

Free printable. Reprogram your habits blueprint to find out what you need and what you can do daily to achieve your goals.

Step 2: Find out what you can do daily to fulfil your needs.

Have a short brainstorm session about the two needs that you have written down. What words come to you? What are they related to? ‘Connection’ might relate to spending more time with your family and/or friends. ‘Personal growth’ might connect to reading more books or signing up for that hand lettering course you’ve had your eyes on for a while. ‘Security’ might stand for financial independence or being debt-free.

Now that you have a clearer idea of what your needs stand for, think about actions that you can do daily to connect to your needs. For example, send a message to a friend you haven’t seen for a while and ask them how they are doing – read at least one chapter every day – spend an hour every morning watching inspiring YouTube videos or listening to a podcast – become more aware of your spending habits and think before you buy ‘do I really need this?’.

Write down three things you can do related to each need and how it would make you feel.

Free printable blueprint to help you determine routine actions (habits) that help you to achieve your goals.

Step 3: Find out what is holding you back.

Everyone has a set of challenges to get through. Have an honest look at your emotions when you review your previous answers. Do you have any negative thoughts that are holding you back from taking action? What are beliefs about yourself, your situation and your environment that stop you from creating the change you need? And what is your behavior because of these emotions and beliefs? Is it effective? Having the right mindset is an important factor in taking action and going after the things that you need and want the most.

Write down the emotions you’re feeling and the beliefs you’re having that are stopping you or slowing you down from getting where you want to be.

Write down the behavior that originates from these emotions and beliefs.

Step 4: Figure out what you need to change.

Look back at the things that are holding you back from making a change. What can you focus on instead to be more productive? Maybe you want to get up earlier so you have some extra hours every day. Or adapt your mindset by overflowing your negative emotions with positive views and ideas. Review what is holding you back and turn this into something positive. The right moment to make a change is now.

Write down what you need to change in order to overcome your challenges and reprogram your habits.


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